Tuesday, 7 May 2013

"Mirror Mirror on the wall"

Once upon a time there lived a handsome prince named Edward. He was the handsome of all the lads in town. His kingdom and his parents were looking for a girl who could match him. Hence to find the perfect match for the prince the king and the queen arranged for a ball and invited the princesses from all the kingdoms. Prince dreamed of his lover day and night. Prince Edward was very delighted as he was about to find the love of his life.

The day of the ball, Prince wore his best attire and a cloak made of gold and diamonds. He had one last look at the mirror and went to the ballroom. Every girl in the room was mesmerized by the beauty of prince. Every princess wanted to be the bride to Edward. But as the prince started asking them to dance with him, they started warding off with some excuse or the other. Some would dance but will soon start departing as the prince would make a conversation. The king and queen could not understand what was happening. To Prince Edward’s amaze the ballroom was empty. He left in despair and locked himself inside the room.

The king and queen approached the fairy godmother and asked for a solution for their son’s sadness. The fairy godmother went to the prince, gave him a mirror and the address to the tooth fairy. Prince could not understand but fairy godmother asked him to find tooth fairy to unveil the mystery behind the mirror. Prince Edward left the very same day and went through all the hurdles to reach the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy looked at Edward and said; “Oh! Edward, if you could only have listened to me and your parents when I gave you those wonderful teeth. You are being punished for not taking care of the most precious gift I gave you. Prince Edward still puzzled begged her for forgiveness. She explained him why all the beautiful girls who came all the way to marry you ran away and she asked him to take a few tests.

The tooth fairy gave him an apple and told him to bite it. As he took the first bite, he could not believe what he saw. There was blood all over the apple and around his gums. Then the tooth fairy asked him to drink a cold glass of water and a hot glass of water. Prince cried with deep sensation of pain and lastly she asked him to blow some air in the small urn with insects in it. As the prince blew air in the urn, all the insects died because of his bad breath.

The tooth fairy explained him that these were the reason why all the princess left you and did not want to talk.  Even if you are the most handsome man in the world Edward, no girl will marry you because of these problems and your problems don’t end here Edward. If a solution is not found to your problem, it will lead to gum diseases, swollen and painful gums, heart diseases and a very painful life ahead.
Prince Edward begged the tooth fairy to find a solution for his problem. The tooth fairy told him to follow simple rules.

  •          Brush your teeth twice a day. One in the morning and one in the night.
  •         Gargle with lukewarm salt mixture water.
  •         Rinse your mouth every time you eat something.
  •         Use mouthwash after brushing your teeth and avoid alcohol based mouthwash.
  •         Visit the dentist regularly.

After explain the rules, the tooth fairy handed Edward a box of soft bristle toothbrush, Colgate toothpaste, a mouthwash and a calendar to remind him to practice these rules daily. Prince Edward was very happy but then he was reminded of the mirror. He asked the tooth fairy about the mirror. She said after every fortnight you will go in front of the mirror and ask a question... Mirror mirror on the wall; are my teeth healthiest of all? Until the mirror says yes, you cannot find the love you are looking for and you must practice the rules for the rest of your life and share it with as many as possible. The day mirror says yes, that will be the day you can arrange for another ball in pursuit of your love and your true happiness.

Prince Edward followed every instruction given by tooth fairy and the day came when he got rid of all his problems and the mirror said yes. Following tooth fairy instructions, he spread the message and found his love and his way to happiness and healthy life.
Moral of the story: Live a healthy and happy life by brushing your teeth twice.

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