Saturday, 15 June 2013

"WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!"

"WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!"

If I have this wonderful choice of connecting with anyone and anywhere then I would definitely choose people who have inspired me throughout my life. People who have been there guiding me and showing me to choose the right path and even if I have chosen the wrong one, they were always there standing for me at the end with a lesson learned from the wrong path. Its amazing to get inspired from these five people that I chose to connect with. I would never miss this opportunity for the world. So here is my list of five people

Oprah Winfrey is one of those very few people in my life who has inspired me to get out the worse time and to live the best time of life. She is the one who taught, there is no age to achieve anything, and all you need is heart and determination. As I am going through a difficult phase in my life where it’s getting hard for me to decide that whether I am suppose to live for other and be sad or live for myself and be happy. She is a woman of wisdom so I would like to have advice from best of the best. 

The atrocities of the world will come to end one day and that one day is unknown to everyone except the Tenth Avatar of Vishnu, Kalki; the destroyer of darkness. If given a chance I would not want to know the exact time and place but what more is there to see than we are already experiencing. I would ask for some insight which will help in bringing some serious change in the functioning of the world. I would want to know something that will be followed and would not just stir up and shut down with time. So, the tenth avatar will be my second choice to connect with so that we have some light in the darkness.

I am a lover of art and an artist too so Michelangelo, the God of art will be my third choice to connect with through WeChat. I would talk about all the techniques and inspiration needed to complete an art work. How he brought life to his art work, his versatility in so many disciplines is something that can only be learned if the words fall from his mouth and imagine when I will tell people that I get my art lessons from Michelangelo. 

So many stories and so many speculations as to what happened to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The mystery can only be unravelled by the man himself so why not connect with him and ask the actual truth as to how he died. I am a curious soul and have been following the umpteen reports made on his death but nothing satisfies my platter. So I decided that I will connect with him through WeChat and ask the great man himself putting an end to all the hoax speculations. 

The fifth person and the best one is someone whom I have been following to live this life as simple as possible so I kept him for the last, Gautama Buddha. I would ask him that how come a man with a kingdom of his own decides to live the life of an ascetic and how come people today are running for the things that he left all behind. I would like to hear his story of reaching the stage of awakening and what insight he got about the past lives and about his whole journey. I am a personal believer in Buddhism and have faith in karma so what better way to end my WeChat with the man of serenity and enlightenment which is so much needed in today’s materialistic world. 

This is my entry for the "WeChat with Anyone, Anywhere!" contest. WeChat's Youtube channel.


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