Sunday, 30 September 2012

A day in one of the wonders of the world……………………….

What does come to your mind when I say the word Agra? Of course the most beautiful thing in the world. Taj Mahal. It’s a place which everyone wishes to see once in their lifetime. After all its one of the most mesmerizing thing a person in love has gifted to his beloved. But what I saw there with my bare eyes it just made me feel so sad. I felt what they have made of this gift. I really can’t imagine how they would be feeling of what we have done to their symbol of love. I boarded a train from Nizzamudin railway station. Now the railway station speaks for itself and says that no matter how many terrorist attacks the security system will be just the same as ever before. It isn’t changing in any time to come and of course any elections to come.

The moment I took a road to enter into the Taj Mahal I was lost in middle of the people uttering guide guide guide and some of them just ran their eyes down to me and my friends pockets and explored for that bulge. I was amazed by the way they scanned us and knew in their minds that which thing is kept where. Somehow I walked past them and made my way to the Mahal. The moment I looked at it I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a beautiful sight it was. Absolutely breath taking. There again I was hounded by people asking to take photographs. Though I know it’s their job but sometimes a no means simply NO and they should understand that and let go. Too much of everything is bad you see. As I went closer and closer to the Taj Mahal the bigger it got and as I looked down, there were people, people who I saw spitting in the garden just outside where we are supposed to take our shoes off. Mobile phones have to be switched off but then how come I saw a bunch of irresponsible teenagers playing
some cheap music on their phones and sitting in the garden without any shame.

“No Photographs inside.” That’s the sign I read when I was about to enter the Taj Mahal. The moment my eyes went inside the Taj Mahal, I said; “wow what a wonder”. Two people in love lying together forever and ever, what could be more fulfilling and eternal for someone in love. How prosperous Shah Jahan and Mumtaj must have been. I looked at the tombstones and my heart actually skipped a beat. My heartbeats went faster and faster as I went closer and closer. I gazed at the tombstones and was lost in the yesteryears when slowly and sharply these noises went in my ears and these noises went so loud they it brought me back where I was. These were the noises of kids revolving round and round inside the Taj Mahal and screaming at top of their sharp and undisciplined voices. These kids were making noises as if playing in a play ground and their parents said nothing to them. The damage was worse than using a mobile phone.  It irritated me so much that it not only spoiled my mood but also made me forget where I was. Then I saw some hopeless, good for nothing people clicking photographs where it was strictly prohibited (inside Taj Mahal). A security guard standing securing nothing at all. I wonder if I being just a spectator was so furious by the behavior of people what must be happening to the eternal souls of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj. Only because we are present now and they are not here doesn’t mean we have the right to spoil that gift which belongs to them and not us and which speaks about their eternal love. People I have one thing to say: Save it. And yes one more thing to Say: Please stop making money out of it. It is not supposed to be that way cuz it’s not a commodity, its love……………………

The Taj Mahal visit not only made me realized what was happening there but also answered a very basic question.
Why India can never progress?
People break rules and get away with it without paying penalty.
Police Chor Bhai Bhai.

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