Sunday, 30 September 2012

O Maa...

O where are you now,the face I wish to see,
             I miss the God that resides within thee.                     
  O why don't I hear you calling my name no more,
O why can't I find you whenever I open my door.

The time in the evening stands still,
As I find myself alone at the hill.
I look outside the window to see your face,
But I hear no footsteps to my amaze.
I miss the signs that told me you are coming,
All I am left with are the memories shunning.

O where are you now, the one I long to see,
I miss our time with the evening tea.
O why can't I turn and wrap my arms around you now,
O why can't I hold and kiss you now.

I can't call you in the morning just to see your face,
I miss looking at you when you say your morning grace.
Still I find solace just in your voice,
To go away from you was my choice.

O where are you now, the one I pray to see,
I miss the walk with just you and me.
O why can't I run to you now,
O why cant I hold you now.

Now you long to tell me stories as I am gone,
I wish to see you every dawn.
No story is complete until shared with you,
All the hugs and kisses are now due.
O maa where are you now when I wish to see,
I miss the God that resides within thee.


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  2. Moms are the best... I miss mine too everyday as she does not stay with me now :(