Sunday, 30 September 2012

Things that stir my soul.............

There are ample amount of things that stir my soul. Every bomb blasts that happened around country has stirred my soul and every citizen's. And now everytime  i sit in an auto or cross a bin, some fear is always there of something going wrong. What if there is a bomb in there? I feel i walk out of my house with my life in my hands and i fear of slipping away that life right from my hands, just in front of my eyes. And that fear, that feeling of something slipping away  just stirs my soul. The trauma of these bomb blast has just not affected the people who's lives were shattered by them but of everyone in the country... Though the lives seems to be normal and running like ever before but that fear doesnt seem to vanish from my soul.... As if It has taken a place in my heart and soul.
Fear of never comin back & never seeing my loved ones's doesnt seem to go......And that fear definitely stirs my soul....

Second thing which stirs my soul is the sight of these poor children just standing there on traffic lights forever and begging forever and selling things which never seems to be finishing.... Child labour is banned in india but still they are there like always inspite of the ban... Not just on these traffic lights but on every street just begging from dusk till dawn..Thinking about them and seeing there hopeful eyes just stirs my soul. Thinking about what life they have and what future they have just stirs my soul. Thinking about how lucky i am to have everything in life and how i had no worry from education to entertainment as everything was just served. These children hardly find food leave alone the education and entertainment. They entertain and dream about every possible thing they cant have... and for them their life is just a big dream.....  A dream that they dare to see.

Third thing that stir my soul was the masscare that happened in parts of orissa. Man killing man in my country was never the picture that i saw in my dreams. Why cant a human being be just a human being, remain a creation of god and see each other the way God sees us?  All equal in the eyes of all mighty... What all we do with these huge multinational india if man is still going to be the enemy of a man? Why have people become so ruthless? Where is the compassion? Religion, discrimination are the very grounds of violence....A person is never born as good or bad, its just the circumstances that make him a good or a bad person. And the people in this world who are considered bad are still bad because the circumstances havent changed. They are still the same. India may be developing, doing business and versatile deals all over the universe and moving  with time but the people, the real people of India are left far behind. Far behind in changing their minds. Clothes have changed but the thought process that goes in their minds is still the same. We cant forget that there are still parts of India where love is regarded as sin. Kill the man & woman who dare to fall in love...... Kill the child if its a girl..... And shockingly no retribution for the felon who went on such bizzare ravishment.

Fourth thing that stir my soul are the protectors of this country. when i hear about the crimes being committed by these gaurds, it just stirs my soul & then i really wonder who is going to protect us now? The gaurds who were supposed to protect the country are committing such heinous crime against women and visibly they are not protecting. Has it become so impossible for the country to protect its women? Who is responsible? Why aint the protectors protecting? Why are protectors becoming perpetratures? Thinking about the woman who got a victim of one of these horrible crimes just stirs my soul and makes me think if in the middle of broad day light it happened to her today.... will it be me or someone i know who would be next...... The greedy eyes of men all around me when i walk past the streets, stirs my soul with fear......The unknown steps that walk past behind me stir me with fear n my eyes wander around to see someone that i know and run to his side for shelter.... And unbelievabily home isnt the safest place as yet... When a daughter gets killed in her own house with her parents sleeping right next door, it is definitely going to make your heart skip a beat.

People prefer solving their issues themselves rather than going to police as they fear that police would get them in the pit rather than taking them out of it. Especially with the women working late night. There are countless problems they go through and when they turn for help, its not the culprits that bothers the policemen but the late night working of the women... We women aren’t being adventurous working late night... as for some it’s the need of the hour, for some it’s the need of the job and for some it’s their choice of working that way in the most popular democratic country. People want to help each other in hour of need but simply don’t cuz they panic imagining the sight of the complications & trouble they would be put through by police. The plight of after help stirs the soul & the man just walks by the man in trouble. Policemen who honestly believe in protecting are few. They are the only ones who took their pledges right with honesty and integrity. But these few are hard to find.

What freedom do we have if arent able to live without fear? We belong to a place where people are burnt, beaten, murdered, assaulted to hold their respective religion be it a north indian, south indian, person from east india or just anywhere with a different religion.why cant a man be just a human being... why cant the people who kill in the name of religion can be made to believe that they are killing a life not a religion?? What freedom do we have if the students of this country are beaten up by a political party simply cuz they are north indians. Seeing the pictures of these students on a front page of a newspaper and imagining what humiliation they must have gone through stirs my soul upto zenith.

My eyes have witnessed all these things. Sometimes they come to me through newspaper, sometimes through media n sometimes they come to me through my own eyes. And if you all out there arent ignorant to the real situation of my country,your country then all these things and many more things like this which you were a part of knowingly or unknowingly are sure to stir your soul

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